This week, I discovered just how much I have strengthened my inner innovator and empathy muscle. We went around the school taking pictures of things to innovate (note: see previous posts with pictures), and the longer it went on, the more I could see things to change. And – to my complete surprise – I was taking pictures later that day and through the next without prompting simply because my mindset had changed. My work taught me to be able to see problems and more importantly, how to change them and find feasible solutions. My short-term efforts should still align with my long-term goals, as what I am learning in the short-term will impact how I accomplish my long-term goals. I do wish I had spent more time over the weekend “exercising my innovator’s DNA”, to help develop that innovator’s mindset. But, this was possibly affected by my uncertainty that I am not as creative as I would like to be. However, the longer I practice innovation and thinking creatively, the more I can clear the mental block that I am not that creative – because I am! Next week, I am going to start off fresh, reminding myself that I am creative, and to try and incorporate innovation and creativity in my life not only in iDiploma, but in my daily life as well.