Our Work

Wow iDiploma is busy! We are doing so many different projects and design briefs right now it’s almost hard to keep up! We started off with a lot of internal design briefs designed to boost the iDiploma image. We had briefs focused on revamping the brand, enlarging our network, serving our community, figuring out how to tell our story, and transition iDiploma from a “start-up” to a design firm. I have been in the branding group, and we so far have come up with tee-shirt designs, business card prototypes, and remodeled – and rebuilt – our website (new website coming soon!). The networking group has created and expanded our social media presence – from Twitter, Instagram, email, and more, iDiploma has become more of a presence. Other groups have begun to blend together as their purposes become aligned. The branding and networking groups, for example, are working closely together. The other groups are exploring ways to inform the Mount Vernon community of the work we do as well as discover ways we can share what we do and inform our peers and the community we reside in of our program. Now, we also have more opportunities. We previously held flashlabs where we did an hour flashlab for the new cohort, Musk, and then another one for the whole 9th grade in the school. This Friday, a group is going down to participate in a design experiment at Georgia Tech, and we also have groups who are beginning to work with Georgia Farmers market and their challenge. All in all we have a lot going on – and thanks to a lot of design briefs, we have a lot more ways to inform the world around us of our wonderful, busy life!

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