Reflection on Design Brief

This week during our design brief (explanation here) has been interesting for sure with all of its ups and downs. Last week, our client reached out to us with an affiliate group that was willing to help us out. So, we began figuring out the information we wanted from them, then began to build out a comprehensive survey to send out to the group. We wanted information about why they continue to stay with this client, what motivated them to want to be with this client, and why they originally loved this client before they were officially associated with them. Our team wanted a more fundamental knowledge of what makes people want to stay with a brand, company, client, etc over the years, and how to build the initial foundation that makes them want to come on board in the first place. I definitely think one of our biggest challenges was building the actual survey out. We had to work and research a lot to simply come up with the questions, then figure out how to build it out in a way that people would actually give us thoughtful answers to. However, the hardest part, and still unsolved part, is getting the actual tool, Survey Monkey to work. Due to some technical and financial mix-ups, we were unable to get the premium version that we need to work, which will hopefully be fixed this week.

One big success in my book, however, is learning to work more cohesively as a team. In my opinion, due to the higher stress placed on us by this deadline, everyone’s tempers were running a little high, which, considering we are all type-A personalities, made it a tough week. I am really proud, however, of how we have pushed through our problems and really produced some high-quality work this week, and, ultimately, become a better, more cohesive unit because of this.

In the future, I am looking forward to finishing our survey, and really diving into our teen interviews at MVPS to better understand the foundation of early brand/company/product/etc love. I hope to get that survey planned out, finished, and sent by the end of this week!


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