The Aliens Are Silent Because They Are Dead

ScienceDaily has released an article called The Aliens Are Silent Because They Are Dead. Here, they explain that the reason we have been unable to find life on other planets is because they would “die out due to runaway heating or cooling on their fledgling planets.” In essence: because no other worlds have a habitat suitable for life, any life forms would die due to extreme heat or cold. Most are like this because of how unstable early life is. Without the proper temperature and air regulations, the organisms would die out very quickly. For example, the writer uses the example of Venus and Mars, saying “About four billion years ago Earth, Venus and Mars may have all been habitable. However, a billion years or so after formation, Venus turned into a hothouse and Mars froze into an icebox.” This is a very plausible theory in my opinion; everyone is very convinced of proof of extraterrestrial life, and the argument is either that aliens are real or they are not. However, this theory makes me realize that there is life out there, just not in our solar system. Why? Well, because none of our planets, bar Earth, are actually habitable. Which makes me wonder: What other worlds are actually out there?


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