Scientists Discover New Reef System at Mouth of Amazon River

Reef systems are fragile and rare, often containing coral that is hundreds of years old. They provide habitats and feeding grounds for many aquatic animals – yet they are slowly dwindling. However, Science Daily has revealed that scientists have found a New Reef System Near the Mouth of the Amazon River. The Amazon River has one of the largest discharges into the ocean, but typically will “create gaps in the reef distribution along the tropical shelves.” This means that finding a reef system is very rare – which makes this discovery that much more interesting. It started when a scientist had mentioned “‘catching reef fish along the continental shelf and said he wanted to try to locate these reefs'” that spurred the investigation that led to the finding of the reef system. However, Patricia Yager cautions that “From ocean acidification and ocean warming to plans for offshore oil exploration right on top of these new discoveries, the whole system is at risk from human impacts.” I am hopeful that ways will be found to preserve these reefs before it is too late. This article not only addresses an exciting new find but also brings up concerns about our planet and the problems it faces. This is something that needs to be addressed in order to prevent future decaying of our oceans. I wonder how this change will be brought about?


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