Ravens and Crows Might be as Clever as Chimps

According to a new study published on ScienceDailyRavens and Crows Might be as Clever as Chimps. They found out that brain size, contrary to popular stereotypes, has very little to do with intelligence. The scientists determined that one aspect of being considered ‘clever’ is the ability to “override animal impulses and choose a more rational behavior.” They tested this by putting the animals through a series of tests, then repeated the test with ravens and crows. They found that their scores were much higher than expected, proving that “bird brains are quite efficient, despite having a smaller absolute brain size.” I believe this test can pave the way to changing common stereotypes about birds. This is very interesting; to be able to test and understand animal intelligence in birds is very rare. However, the fact that they performed very well proves just how much we have been underestimating birds. I wonder what other animals are secretly ‘geniuses?’


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