Monarch Butterflies Face Habitat and Nectar Threats

According to ScienceDailyMonarch Butterflies face threats to their habitat and nectar. Typically, the blame goes to “a lack of milkweed, herbicides and genetically modified crops” for the threats to the Monarchs. However, the study found that there were other factors to blame, namely “sparse autumnal nectar sources, weather and habitat fragmentation.” When the population makes its annual trek to Mexico, researchers have noticed a significant decline, and have attributed the recent increase to good weather. However, they also reason that the Monarchs are slowly losing their nectar sources, meaning they will have lost a major food source. This is, in my opinion, something no one wants to happen. Aside from the fact that Monarchs are beautiful, they are also a necessary part of our ecosystem. Unless we reduce the chemicals and pesticides that are contaminating their food source and habitats, we may find them extinct in a few hundred years, significantly impacting our ecosystem. So: What can we do?


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