Investigators Reduce Sugar Content in Yogurt Without Reducing Sweetness

I really love yogurt, but, like most people, do not love the high sugar content. Well, ScienceDaily has now released an article that tells how Investigators reduce sugar content of yogurt without reducing sweetness – the perfect solution to a delicious snack. A Danish food company has figured out how to sweeten the yogurt naturally instead of artificially, meaning less sugar and more natural ingredients. They have accomplished this by using yogurt-producing bacteria and manipulating their metabolic properties. Basically, they wanted to change the bacteria to “eat the galactose and spit out the glucose,” said Eric Johansen. Having accomplished this, the yogurt “had very little lactose, and not much galactose. But it was high in glucose–and sweet.” I think that being able to accomplish this is fantastic. In a world where sugar and fast-foods are on the rise, being able to create a product that is healthy and still something people love is incredible. I believe this is the start of a change in the food industry; changing it to incorporate healthier, more natural foods instead of the processed, artificial food we currently consume. I wonder what brand of yogurt this is?


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