Dark ‘Noodles’ May Lurk in the Milky Way

ScienceDaily has posted an intriguing article about how Dark ‘Noodles’ May Lurk in the Milky Way. The entirety of the article is about how there are invisible structures in the galaxy that form the shapes of “noodles, lasagne sheets or hazelnuts.” For years, these structures were an unpredictable phenomenon until Dr. Keith Bannister figured out a way to view them with a specific kind of telescope. However, even now, they are unsure exactly what they are looking at. What they do know is that these shapes “‘could radically change ideas about this interstellar gas, which is the Galaxy’s star recycling depot, housing material from old stars that will be refashioned into new ones,'” Dr Bannister said.  In my opinion, this goes a long way towards figuring out some of the mysteries of the galaxy. These lumps, known as ‘lenses,’ could be any number of things, but so far they think they are “cold clouds of gas that stay pulled together by the force of their own gravity.” I really think that this could help us understand more about the foundation of our galaxy and how it works. I also found it very interesting that they are called lenses because of the way they can focus radio waves. That being said: I wonder if we will ever find out their true purpose?


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