Cells Talk to Their Neighbors Before Making a Move

ScienceDaily has made an exciting new discovery about how Cells Talk to Their Neighbors Before Making a Move. Most people usually think cells are autonomous; however, recent research has led scientists to believe that cells communicate with each other before making a decision. Basically, since they can only talk to their neighbor, cells play the first game of telephone, passing along messages from other cells to think through a decision. And, just like humans, the message usually gets slightly garbled after a while. This means that “there is always a limit of how far information can travel without being garbled in these cellular systems.” However, cells are also able to sense concentration gradients, which is important because “in order to know which direction to move, a cell has to know in which direction the concentration of the chemical signal is higher. Cells sense this gradient and it gives them a reference for the direction in which to move and grow.” Because we have been studying cells in class, I found this really interesting. I have always thought that each cell was kind of like its own little world, with very little interaction with the outside world. Understanding that cells communicate can influence how we use and make medicine as well as our comprehension of the human body. I am just curious how the cells solve the problem of the garbled messages?


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