Update: The Latest of My Projects

So far, I have now built part of an LED light board and completed the materials for building a table out of foam core and PVC pipe. Honestly, it has been hard to transition, knowing that I am leaving behind an incomplete project. For the LED board, we got as far as soldering the wires together and building the frame, but due to technical mistakes with the wires, we were unable to complete it. As for the table, we had to pivot midway through, and were only able to complete the materials. We cut the PVC pipe for the legs, spray-painted it, cut the foam core to the correct size, and attached it together (with hot glue of all things  – who would have known?). The hardest thing about the kitchen project was the pivot. We had not known exactly what was wanted for this project, and so designed a few different things before understanding what we should be designing for. The pivot forced us to move away from any half-concocted ideas we might have had, and instead gave us a specific goal as well as step-by-step instructions. This sounds easier, but it was hard figuring out the materials to use as well as how it all was pieced together. Not to mention the lack of time to do this all in. Overall though, it was a fun project to do not only for the skills I acquired from it but also learning how to manage my time better and being able to accept walking away from an incomplete project was very rewarding. I hope to be able to finish the next project and retain the skills I have learned over the past two weeks into the future.


One thought on “Update: The Latest of My Projects

  1. What a great insight, AK to pick out from your learning – the toughness of walking away from a project that you’ll hand off to someone else. Sometimes, collaborative work, and work around a complex project, has people in and out of certain phases, and will inevitably have you leaving a project before you feel it’s truly “done.” In school, you often don’t get enough opportunities to hand off your work, so it feels different!


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