Design Brief Portfolio

After taking the strengths finder test, (see my results/reflection here) we were assigned a deceptively simple task: to demonstrate the cohorts strengths as a whole. A graph of all the cohorts strengths is below.


Joining up with Melina, Nina, Kiki, Robyn, and Maya, we then began the job of both brainstorming and choosing an idea. We finally settled on an eye, in order to create a sense of uniqueness and uniformity. However, we has slightly different variants of this seemingly-simple ‘eye.’ One idea was to project everyone’s eyes onto a piece of wood shaped and colored like an eye, with everyone’s names under each projection. Another idea was to have everyone’s iris in the shape of an eye, blending the colors as one big eye. As one can see below, the ideas were numerous.IMG_0102

Eventually, after much tweaking, we decided to have a hand-drawn picture of an eye with a photo of every cohort member’s eye, pictured below.


We also narrowed the strengths down into four groups (individualization, strategic thinker, executing, and relationship building) so that someone did not have to click on 34 different strengths.  Their name would be under their eye, and would remain open when that strength group was selected. Anyone who does not have a strength in one of those four strength groups, their eye would close. After finally deciding upon our task, we then set out on bringing it to life. Nina was voted as our leader, Maya was volunteered to use Scratch, in order to code the requirements of our project, Kiki and Robyn became our on-call artists, and Melina jumped around from place to place, Photoshopping one minute and photographing irises the next, with Maya’s help. As for me, after bouncing around for a bit, I ended up doing the majority of Photoshop, which I actually really enjoyed. We continued to work on our projects, taking pictures (see example below), cropping them, then placing them in the hand-drawn eye, as well as coding the software and designing the physical aspect of the project.

The physical aspect is a box that houses the controls to select an eye group, allowing the user to easily view the different people in each strength group. There is a MakeyMakey inside that changes the images based on the strength group selected. The strengths are written on the top of the box, with the touch pads underneath the writing. As the pictures show, the box houses the wiring and electronic aspects, hiding everything from sight.

After quite a few weeks of hard work and learning, it was time to present to the Art class, who were coming to critique our work. We were able to look at the other group’s project as well, a creative montage of floating balloons with each strength written on a balloon that also contained the names of the people who have that strength. After that, we presented our project to the art class. (see below)

Unfortunately, we were not able to make the eyes close when they were not part of a strength group, only disappear due to time constraints. However, it turned out beautifully nonetheless. Overall, this was a project that was enjoyable, stretched my creative abilities, helped me learn to work through difficulties easier, and taught me a few new skills in the process, notably learning how to Photoshop. I hope to be able to implement these skills in my life soon! Below are some more photos of our final project.


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