Part 2: Designing Your Brand

This is part two of the Designing Your Brand post I posted a few days ago. In this blog post, I will be talking about what my brand would look like and why.

Last week, I discussed why a brand, logo, or design is so important. To summarize, I said that it not only is a representation of the person, designer, or company, but that it also can affect others connected to the person, etc. The people associated with the person or company will see the logo or brand as either a disgracement to the person or company, or they will see it as a symbol of pride. When it is a symbol of pride, people on their own will promote it, share it, buy it, and want to associate with that person or company because they know they are a good company or person to associate with them. Promoting their logo or brand is their way of saying that.

Keeping this in mind, I decided to design my own logo. During iD, we did an exercise where we came up with three words to describe us. My three words were “travel,” “art,” and “ocean.” Then, we assigned a color to one word, a symbol to another, and an object to the last word. To the word travel, I assigned the moon,  art a feather, and to ocean, the color blue. Finally, we began to draw our logos. My logo is actually unfinished but will most likely include some variation of these elements. Once I have finished designing our logos, I will share a picture. 

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