Designing Your Brand

Today, after watching Roman Mars’ TED talk on well-designed city flags, I was inspired to write up my newly conjured ideas and thoughts on this talk. His talk mainly centered on the importance of a well-designed city flag and how it impacted the city it represented; however it does not apply to just cities. Understanding one’s logo, motto, brand, flag, etc, is vital to the success of whatever it is representing. Finding a brand that both conveys a meaningful, thoughtful message but is still pleasant to the eye is important so that it is remembered in a good light. I learned that flags, logos, or brands represent who you are as a person, city, or company and can convey the wrong message as a person. If designed correctly, they show how much pride the company has in itself, its customers, and even its employees. A well-designed flag/brand/logo will naturally lend itself to wanting to be placed on walls, windows, computer cases, shirts, etc. The more people want to have a copy of this design, the more they want to display it, the more they are showing they have pride in the company, in the city, in the people, employees, and the more pride they are showing they have in what it represents. When people have pride in what they are working for or what they are representing, they have a greater drive and ambition to do well, wanting to prove themselves to the people or company or city they represent. This will lead to a more stable, lucrative company or city overall.

Click here for Part 2: My Brand Design!

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