Producing Products

We have been working on a new project innovation module: redesigning the shopping cart. We have each been tasked for coming up with an idea to improve and change the traditional shopping cart. First, we started off by watching a video of IDEO starting the same design challenge we are. Then, we took a field trip to a supermarket to observe people using shopping carts and the problems we observed. We took pictures, asked a few questions, then came back and unpacked what we had observed. We picked out a few pictures to focus on, and designed around those problems. At first, I planned to design a self-checkout for the handle of the shopping cart. It was a way to reduce lines, and decrease the amount of times items were removed from the cart. However, after we made our designs out of popsicle sticks and play dough, I realized this was an idea that had some flaws, and that I could think simpler. So, when we started implementing our ideas in 123D Design, I chose to change my idea. Instead of a self-checkout, I came up with a rubber bumper.

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 10.58.29 AM

Its purpose is to go on the bottom of the cart to protect merchandise when the cart (invariably) hits it, and to protect people’s ankles (ouch!). The picture above is my first attempt; the one below is my next model. It is obvious the differences between them; one is thick and flat, the second is thin and curved. Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 8.53.45 PM

After two days of working on this, I then switched tracks entirely. I am now working on a design challenge to help protect a dog and a truck. The purpose of this challenge is to protect the dog, save the fabric in the truck, while still letting the dog have freedom and be able to hang out the window. New posts coming soon!


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