Unpacking Interviews + Prototype Ideas

Today we (finally) got around to unpacking all of our interviews. We had unpacked them each individually previously. Now though, we took all the interviews and unpacked them. (PS – if you do not understand what I am talking about, this post is in relation to my design challenge) We unpacked the interviews using a larger version of the design distiller from our playbook, and along the way noticed how similar all the interviews were. They all focused on student creativity and freedom being both promoted and increased. Unstructured spaces need to become more prominent, and students need to have time to relax. Now, we are taking what we have learned from these interviews and figuring out how to apply them to our prototype. Below is our unpacked interviews:


Previously, we decided to test a prototype for our challenge, and brainstormed ideas and solutions for all the current and future prototypes. Here is our brainstorming:

IMG_1717 IMG_1718


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