Lightbox Experiment

Finally! The plan is coming together! Our video has now been edited and has music, our presentation is being polished, our timeline is up-to-date until December (wow!), and we now have a game plan for our food test. Phase 1 of our food test is being implemented tomorrow; we are bringing in some granola bars to test the effect food has on people; i.e. whether or not it improves peoples concentration and creativity. To observe this, we plan to film this, along with ethnographing ourselves. We have also run through out presentation today – which has come a long way from where it began. And, I finished up brainstorming for our concession stand test, and made an “Experiment Plan”.

Here is the Experiment Plan:


And this is the brainstorming/planning for the concession stand and food test:


We will be starting to finish up phase 1 tomorrow; updates on the experiment coming soon!

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