User-Centered Experiment Q & A

After watching the video footage of our experiment, the facilitators prompted us to brainstorm a list of questions based on what we saw that the video would help to answer.

So far, we have this list of questions and to-be-continued answers:

  • What do people use the lightbox for?
    • talking
    • ping-pong club
    • faculty meetings
    • admissions events – tour days
    • studying?
    • eating – fuse15
    • social events
    • concerts
  • What do people gather around?
    • games
    • kitchen/food
    • places to share information/food/laughs
    • where people are
    • information/knowledge
  • Where in the school do people gather?
    • Media Center
    • Overlook
    • Lightbox
    • classrooms
    • locker bays
    • art room
    • lunch room
    • art gallery
    • conference room
    • hallways
    • gym
    • sports facilities
    • green space/quad
    • patio
  • Where do people gather outside of school?
      • parties
      • people’s houses
      • Starbucks
      • the mall
      • weddings
      • family events
      • kitchen table
      • the park
      • church/mosque/temple/other religious center
      • internet – tumblr, twitter, facebook
      • movie theaters
      • restaurants
      • pool
  • Why do they gather there?
  • When do people gather?
    • weekends
    • during the school/work day
      • in classrooms
      • conferences
      • meetings
    • after school
    • special events
    • free time
    • work time
  • How can we tell if someone is relaxed?
  • Are vending machines all we need for a relaxing environment?
  • Where to people tend to gravitate to?
    • What do they do there?
    • talk
    • play
    • share
    • collaborate
    • innovate
  • Should game tables be a more prominent feature?
  • Why do people prefer tables over chairs?
  • Why do people not use chairs even though they are provided?
  • When people are given a choice versus a more “forced” area of relaxation, which do they relax in more?
  • What is the value of playing games during the work day?
  • Do people people prefer sitting on tables vs. chairs? Why or why not? Are there situations for either?

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