User-Centered Experiement

Today we finally implemented a prototype of our ideas in the lightbox, moving furniture, adding furniture, and trying to transform the space into something that fit our HMW. (To see a full recap of the design challenge, follow the link here).

So far, we have added some camp chairs to lend a more relaxed feel for the space,


moved the tables around to build community,


and added furniture to an under-used space in hopes to get students to be themselves.


And all of this was done while following our timeline and weekly plan, which has finally gotten our group on track!


We plan to record a time-lapse video of the spaces in use using a hidden camera as well as going in ourselves to ethnograph what we see/hear/learn.


Now we have discovered a cool, chic, mysterious area behind the stage – check out pictures of our team trying it out!



We are currently unpacking the videos of the experiment implemented on Friday. So far, we have observed that people really like sitting on tables, and under the stairs. We also began to wonder if we should include some game tables after watching people congregate around a ping-pong table. After watching these videos, we then (through facilitator-initiated prompting) generated a list of questions (see below) based on what we saw that the video would help to answer.

To read more about these questions, what they are for, and our answers, click here.

  • What do people use the lightbox for?
  • What do people gather around?
  • Why do people prefer tables over chairs?
  • Why do people not use chairs even though they are provided?

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